The Rookies
Age range: Younger Infants. 

In this room, we maintain a ratio of 1 staff member for every 4 infants, with a maximum of 14 infants.  Most children remain in this room until they begin crawling well.  The instructors in this classroom, as well as those in all of our classrooms, use the primary caregiver system to care for the children.  Each caregiver is responsible for the majority of the care for the three infants in her primary group.  Although the caregivers will work as a team in the room, this system allows the infants to have the security of one person handling the majority of their care.  This room is set up so that there is plenty of space for floor play as well as routine care.  Caregivers are encouraged to spend time on the floor when they are not involved in other daily routines such as feeding, rocking, or changing the babies. We also encourage eye contact and conversation with the infants during all daily routines. The classroom includes a covered porch area that opens onto a playground designed for our youngest age groups.

​The Tumblers
Age range: Older Infants. 

The ratio continues to be 1:4, with a maximum of 14 infants.  While in this group, the infants learn to pull up, scoot, and walk on their own.  Children generally remain in this classroom until they are walking well. This room is set up with open spaces as well as soft climbing equipment so that the infants can explore in a safe environment. The classroom also includes a covered porch area that opens onto a playground designed for our youngest age groups.  The children have the opportunity to begin learning skills such as feeding themselves, drinking from a sippy cup, and recognizing themselves in a variety of mirrors.  Teachers continue to use the primary caregiver system, as mentioned in the Rookies section.

The Runners
Age range: Younger Toddlers. 

The little ones will now be known as toddlers in this classroom.  The ratio in this classroom is 1:5, with a maximum of 18 toddlers. This room features open spaces for safe exploration. Caregivers incorporate center activities into the children's daily routines.  Through the use of planned activities and a variety of choices, the toddlers continue to develop many self-help skills. There is always a variety of materials available for the children to create and experiment with as they learn about their world.  Teachers introduce basic sign language to help the children communicate their needs.  With this group, the teachers continue to use the primary caregiver system.

The Top Dogs

Age range: Older Toddlers/Younger Two Year Olds. 

The ratio in this classroom is 1:6, with a maximum of 20 children.  Just as their classroom name implies, these toddlers are all about themselves! This classroom is full of activities that encourage each toddler to explore his/her own vivaciousness.  As with all of the classes, the teachers plan activities so that the children are challenged as they move from one developmental stage to the next.  This is the first room where the children will begin enjoying family style service during all meals and snacks. Family style service means that a caregiver sits with her small group of toddlers at the table as the food arrives in small serving bowls.  Children will be assisted in learning to serve themselves as well as clear their plates when finished.  This is just one example of the many self-help skills that the children will learn while in the Top Dogs classroom.  Some children will even begin to potty train before transitioning into the next class. 

The Champs
Age range: Older Two Year Olds. 

The ratio for this classroom is 1:7, with a maximum of 20 children.  The Champs classroom is always buzzing with many activities for the children. Problem solving and conflict resolution are at the forefront, as we learn to have a peaceful community within the room. Teachers continue to focus on self-help skills with all of the children. There are ample materials available for each child to manipulate and create his/her own masterpieces.  Potty training is also focused on more strongly as children prepare to move into the three year old class.

The Heroes

Age range: Younger Three Year Olds. 

The ratio in this class is 1:8, with a maximum of 20 in the class. This classroom continues to encourage problem solving, conflict resolution, self-help, and creative expression that the groups before initiated.  Other activities that are a part of the children's daily routine are learning their ABC's, colors, shapes, and days of the week.  Teachers in this group strongly encourage independence among the children as they prepare for Pre-K.

The MVPs
Age Range: Older Three Year Olds and Four Year Olds. 

The ratio for this class is 1:10, with a maximum of 20 students.  This classroom serves as a transition between our regular preschool classes and our lottery-funded Pre-K classes, as children in this group will be turning four or have already turned four.  Teachers in this classroom help each child work on skills that will help them be productive learners in Pre-K.  Communication is of utmost importance as children learn how to express their own needs and become more self-sufficient.  A large variety of materials are accessible at all times so that all children have the opportunity to create in an area of their choice.

All Stars
Age Range: Four Year Olds and Five Year Olds.
  The ratio for these programs is 1:11, with a maximum of 22 per group.  Our final age groups will be our Lottery-Funded Pre-K classes. The teachers in these classrooms continue to support the passion for learning that we will hold as imperative in all of our preschool environments. The classes will follow the guidelines set forth by the Bright from the Start Department of Early Care and Learning.  Since this program will run from 8:00am - 2:30pm, an after-school program is offered to coincide with our regular hours. During the summer months or on school holidays when Pre-K is not in session, we offer Champ Camp for children who are in Pre-K through 1st grade.

Champ Camp (School Holidays)
Age Range:  Pre-K to Rising 2nd grade. 

 This program is available during the hours our center is open (7:00 am - 6:00 pm) on school holidays and/or when our Pre-K is not in session to children currently attending Pre-K through Second Grade.  Our Champ Camp schedule is close to the schedule of the Clarke County School System; however, it is not exactly the same.  If you plan on your child attending Champ Camp, we recommend calling the center in advance to ensure care is available. To learn more, click here.

​Summer Champ Camp

​Age Range: Rising Kindergarten to 5th grade. 
This program is available during the hours our center is open (7:00 am - 6:00 pm) during the summer, when school is not in session, to Rising Kindergarten through Fifth Grade children. Children who attend Champ Camp will attend weekly field trips, have opportunities for water play, participate in cooking activities, and much more.  Champ Camp is full of fun experiences for children. Additionally, we incorporate  academic builders into the daily schedule . For more information regarding Champ Camp, please call the center or click here.

​  At Champions for Children, we are proud to participate in Georgia's Lottery Funded Pre-K
​program. Pre-K allows children to become familiar with daily routines and instructional
practices, while helping to ensure that your child is physically, socially, emotionally,
​ and cognitively ready for school. For more information on Pre-K, click here.

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